Denim Jumpsuit & Vans 

I thought I’d quickly share some old photos of the sickest jumpsuit I got from Daya by Zendaya! It’s the absolute coolest design and I truly couldn’t resist especially because I got it on sale for $10!!!!! I mean how could you even dream of passing up an offer like that?!? I modernizes it by cinching the waist with a wide belt to add dimension to my body & the look and I also cut the long sleeves off not only because my arms are way too long, but because it makes it a even more casual! Have a great week and to all my college students HAPPY DEAD WEEK I know you’ll survive! Stay fab! 


Daya by Zendaya jumpsuit // Vans sneakers 


Black x Black.

This holiday season, I’m trying to incorporate fresh and unique pieces into my looks because I’m in the process of rediscovering my personal style. Don’t ask why or how I came up with that, but I did and I’m stickin to it! 

 My personal style has always been very trendy, but uniquely me, and I love that! It’s just that I want more from my personal style. I want to feel like a showstopper on a daily basis! I scroll through my Instagram feed and I see women & men who are unashamedly themselves in terms of their personal style. Sometimes I feel like I get too caught up in what everyone would say or how on trend something is, and my outfit ends up becoming no longer for me, but for everybody else. I want my personal style to be 100% fully & truly….me. I don’t want to dress for others, I want to dress because it’s what I love and what brings me the most happiness. So, what “rediscovering your personal style” looks like for me, is attempting to morph my own personal style by looking at it in a completely different fashion. I’m tired of thinking about if something matches or not or if people will compliment my look, I just want to feel good in what I’m wearing. Who gives a fuck if my shades of green don’t match, I’m wearing them & you’re not. I’m all for people being wacky and fun with fashion. In fact, it’s recently become a major obsession of mine. I’m so infatuated with the people I follow in the fashion industry because they all are so distinct in their own ways. Think of it this way, you would never catch Leandra Medine & Caroline Vreeland wearing the same thing. They’re two different & amazing women with killer senses of style & their differences are what makes them, them. 

This outfit is the first step of my process of rediscovering my personal style. It’s simple, with little intricate details. For instance I used a knit sweater instead of a plain black long sleeve because it adds little yet impactful details. Also, matching the silver metallic shoes with the western belt was a last minute detail that really hit home with me. I felt fulfilled when wearing this because I was warm, comfortable, and let’s be honest I look hella chic. Have a great week, and stay fab! 


H&M knit // Vintage Wrangler denim // Dr. Martens shoes 
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The Classics.

I’m such a sucker for a classic staple piece. I lose all control when I see a white tee, plain jeans, or even a plain blazer! When I first began to love fashion, I had no clue what I was doing, but I knew that starting with staple pieces was a good way to begin! So I rounded up some of the more classic/minimal pieces in my closet and now 4 years later here I am wearing the same stuff (but on a higher & better level)! 

To me, the classics that will never go out of style are things like white tees, Vintage levis, a classic black & white sneaker, and even western belts! These are all such amazing pieces alone, but when paired together, it can be the most glorious of pairings possibly ever! However, I think that being fun and weird with fashion is a great thing, and that everyone should try being adventurous at times. That being said, sometimes I don’t have the energy, and a tee and jeans is all that I feel comfortable in and that’s %100 ok! So, these jeans were recently Thrifted and I am sooooo ecstatic over them! They are the perfect light wash, Vintage Levi 501 that I’ve been searching for for a very long time! I’ve wanted a pair just like these for so long, I just never had the money to afforded the amazing/high quality pairs that I want! So that’s why these are so amazing, they’re exactly what I’ve wanted, and I only paid $1 for them!!! I think these are a pair of jeans that everyone should own! They’re classic, comfortable, and SO CHIC I CANT EVEN! Thanks for reading my ramble, have a great week and stay fab! 


HANES X KARLA white tee // Vintage Levis 501s denim // Vintage Gap blazer // Vans sneakers  

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Monochrome Gray.

Long time no see! It’s that time of the year again…aka THE END, so don’t be surprised if I’m hella absent from my posting! As much as I love writing these posts and taking the pictures for them, my grades and schooling need to come first (I sound so unlike myself hahaha). 

Anyways, this was one of the three outfits I wore on thanksgiving and I have to say I was a big favorite of mine. I adore monochrome looks and this one is no exception! I’ve never tried an all gray ensemble before but after wearing this I’m hooked! These pinstripe pants & blazer were both Thrifted scores and I’m in love with them both deeply! The three shades of gray pair together so well and i couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! Have a great week and stay fab!! 


Thrifted blazer, pants, and belt // H&M gray uni tee  

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Cropped Grey & Black Denim.

Although it’s November, it’s somehow still plausible to wear a crop top out! I’ve found that crop tops are an ingenious way to take a simple outfit a little bit more over the edge. Crop tops are new and inventive and I’m infatuated with the looks they can create! I paired this DIY crop top with a great pair of black orange tabs that hug every last curve of the body! Levis are my favorite jeans not just because of their long and iconic legacy, but because they give the body of whoever wears them, a great definition and even sophistication! No matter what fit I’m wearing, I always feel my absolute best in a pair of Levi’s! I’m posting this because I will be too busy inhaling any food in my way to work post it later, so have a great thanksgiving to everyone! Stay fab! 


Thrifted/DIY Carhartt top // Levis denim // ASOS slip-ons // Thrifted bag 

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Nothing screams fall like a shearling lined denim jacket. It’s my absolute favorite piece to transition from warm to cold! The fur lining is really just the ultimate fall fabric, and honestly I’d be lost without this jacket. Not only does it keep me extra toasty, but it pairs well with many types of pieces! One of my personal favorite pieces to match it with is (unsurprisingly) a pair of Levi’s jeans! The mixing of denims is something I may never grow tired of. There’s endless ways to style denim on denim, but also it’s a classic and chic combo to use when you’re in a rut! 

Also, I recently scored this In-N-Out burger tee shirt and I’m still swooning over it. I grabbed it not only because it’s super cute & soft, but it reminds me of my second home, California. It kind of depresses me because it makes me really miss everything about the place, but at the same time it makes me feel like I have a piece of Cali with me. I’m also trying to accessorize as much as possible this fall! I’ve recently found that it’s a chic way to add some more elements to my looks! This maroon croc skin handbag caught my eye at the thrift store because of the shape, but also because of the autumnal vibe it gives off! Have a great week and stay fab!  


Levis denim jacket & jeans // H&M sneakers // Thrifted tee // Thrifted bag 

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Classics x A Twist 

Recently I’ve tried to broaden my horizons in terms of fashion and try stuff that’s a little bit unconventional. I recently read an article about “dressing weird” in Vogue, and it really enlightened me! After reading the piece I tried to sit on the words I read and really apply them into my personal style. It touched on things like adding wacky accessories and mixing prints in order to add new elements to one’s personal style. I really resonated with the article because that is something I find myself attempting to apply in my own life. So thats where this outfit comes in, it’s a play on my own personal uniform. I absolutely adore a white tee and denim combo, and I’m currently adoring belts even more! The belt/corset trend is taking the world by storm and I am 100% on board! I love the cinched waist that it gives and the depth it can add to one’s body! Not only does it give the illusion of curves and definition, but it adds an element of enticement! I challenge my readers to try to be more fun and weird with your personal style once in awhile! Be fun and be yourself and it will always look A1! Have a great week and stay fab! 


Hanes X Karla white tee // Vintage Levis 550s // Thrifted sunnies 

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