pastels for easter

Well hey there! I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a GREAT Easter Sunday! So far the weather has been great, and very cooperative with me and my outfit! I am so glad and thankful that we had a three day weekend. Where would the world be without three day weekends? They give me hope for happiness in our stupid school system! I’m rested enough to where I’m actually a little bit deep down excited for school tomorrow (deep down). Anyways my outfit was chosen because of how great the weather was today. I usually coordinate my outfits with either my mood or the weather, today was one of the weather days. I think that pastels are going to be HUGE this spring! It’s one of those things that makes your mood better. I honestly love pastels and how they can be paired with so many different items. Pastels are making a big statement this spring and I can’t get enough of them. These shorts are too die for (but the zipper is broken and I still wear them, that’s how much I love them) and this sweater from Calvin Klein is SO COMFY! And I realize I’ve worn this wrap around a lot but who cares!?! Anyways enjoy!







Calvin Klein knit // Weatherproof Vintage shorts // Tj-Maxx wrap around // Converse shoes 



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