nirvana and classic cons

So lately I’ve been seeing the whole graphic shirt look disappearing faster and faster in the fashion world and that makes me unhappy. Graphic tees are a classic and simple, yet to die for style. In my eyes it’ll never be completely out of style. Going through all of the fashion week shows from 2014 I’ve seen the amount of graphic tees increasing, but yet I still don’t see them amywhere as much! Great designers and brands like : Givenchy, TopMan, Saint Laurent, HM, Zara, Acne, and American Apparel have jumped along the graphic tee wagons, but I still seem to be having a hard time finding any on the streets, on celebrities, or on bloggers! I personally think they’re an easy, fast, comfortable, and completely stylish way to go!



So when I first found this absolutely perfect Nirvana graphic tee shirt at Target, I just had to buy it! Honestly it’s such a simple piece that’ll bring almost any outfit together! It’s super comfortable and super affordable!





Graphic Tee: Target
Jeans: Hollister
Shoes: Converse


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