new year, new name, and new balances

How have my favorite people been? I’ve missed blogging and getting dressed, but if I’m being completely honest, I have really been enjoying doing absolutely nothing. And yes you saw that right, you’re no longer reading marvinenriqueblog, it’s now thirteenthstreetblog! I figured it was only appropriate that I change my name because I’ve thought and thought about it but never actually did it! It’s the street I live on and basically grew up on, and it only seemed fair that I include and give props to my street. I’ve also found a new home inside of my new balance sneakers. I knew it would happen an it happened….I can’t take them off. Every time since Christmas that I’ve gone out, I wore these shoes, and I don’t plan on taking them off anytime soon! Hope you enjoy and have an amazing new year full of joy! Stay fab! ✌️





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new balance sneakers // american eagle shirt // old jeans


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