Month: April 2015

WIWW: Swim Edition

Summer is slowly but surely approaching and I realize that I need to step up my swim game because it’s honestly kind of lame. Super excited and indecisive about all of these options! Let me know what you think! Have a great week and stay fab!  


SHOP THESE LOOKS: (from left to right)

Burberry Brit


Pastel Blue and White 

I’m a person who loves black don’t get me wrong it’s always fun to wear black on black. But I also love love love to wear some color every now and then. This pastel baby blue tee from H&M spoke to me. It has so much personality and potential, yet it’s such a simple classic tee! Those are my favorite kinds of pieces, the ones that can change an entire outfit just by putting it on even though it’s just a simple piece. When choosing the perfect simple/loud piece you have to keep in mind the fact that every piece has a different way of changing an outfit, sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it’s very much for the worst! So, always remember to choose the pieces that speak to you the most and the pieces that make you feel good! Have a great week and stay fabbbb!   


H&M baby blue tee // Calvin Klein white trousers // New Balance shoes (similar here)

Saturday Review: PROM EDITION

As I sit here tortured and being held against my will at my school’s prom (which I’m helping for my student council) I’m seeing different questionable dresses and tuxes alike here and there. It’s becoming a trend every year for each student to try and find the most “unique” dress possible and each year it sure does happen. People go through months and months full of trying on dresses and to no prevail find a dress that some other girl at school has and it starts “conflict.” Big trends to look out for concerning prom dresses would be: gold embroidery, ruffley bottoms, black and red combo, form fitted dresses, and the same old, infamous, OG…..bedazzles/jewels. I can’t tell what I don’t like more jewels or jewels on pastel colored dresses. It just doesn’t do anything for the person wearing it. I know that choosing what you wear to prom is a crucial and difficult decision for boys and girls, but with proper guidance and instruction you can always make it at least somewhat ok? So for all you prom goers out there….don’t screw up, have fun, stick to what you love, and at least attempt to cool it with the jewels and unfitted tuxes! Stay fab! 

Washed Denim & Classic Denim

If you couldn’t already tell, I love denim. No matter what wash or what fit I love it all! It is versatile and easy to use and pair. I’m also a big supporter of everything that Ralp Lauren makes, because I feel like he can do no wrong. Every piece is unique in its own way, and that’s what intrigues me and so many others. From Ralph Lauren Collection to Polo Ralph Lauren, he’s innovating fashion and lifestyles everywhere! As I write this I find myself dozing off and thinking about how many people have probably judged denim on denim and I feel like those people should keep their traps shut forever! I’ll never stop wearing denim on denim and no one’s opinion will change that! Have an amazing week and as always, stay fab!  


Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply chambray shirt // Old jeans // Converse shoes 


A big trend currently in the men’s and women’s fashion world is the ever so simple and original bad boy/girl staple: the bandana. Bandanas have been a sign of bad ass-ness and rebellion for a very long time. No matter which way you wear it, what kind you wear, or where you get it from, they’ll always be such an easy-going piece to have fun with. Take risks when wearing a bandana! Have fun with it! They’re not made to be proper or poised, they’re made to show strength, bravery, and fierceness! So take a chance, be a rebel, and stay fab!  






{In order from left to right: Topman | Urban Outfitters | J. Crew | Etro | Saint Laurent | Alexander McQueen




White, Denim, Black, and A Whole Lotta Stress

I have been under vast amounts of pressure lately. I haven’t been able to fully think right because of everything going on right now! With another school year about to be wrapped up, comes another month and a half of my teachers trying to cram every last little thing they can think of before the year ends. Then I have tennis and that’s about to be finished so I want to try my hardest to show the coach I’m ready for next year and the rest of this one! Then I have my (at the moment) horrid grades to bring up before like yesterday! Plus my senate elections and all the last minute committees stuff. Then I’m struggling to find a job that I’m going to actually enjoy! And everything has been too much to handle. So, ya. That’s my life.

My outfit was obviously a simple and right to the point kind of outfit. One of those ones that you just throw on and hope for the best. I’ve never been much of a jewelrey person but I just couldn’t resist this nut ring from F21! It adds a little pinch of edge and risk to my outfit and that’s why I like it so much. Express’ items have always had a special place in my heart. This simple white tee, while being plain white, has so much personality! You can’t see it that well but there’s a subtle little stripey pattern thingy going on and on top of that it’s out of this world comfortable! Have an amazing week and stay fab! ✌🏽 


H&M black jeans // EXPRESS white tee // Target denim shirt // Converse shoes // Forever 21 ring (SOLD OUT similar here)

Male Bloggers To Keep Your Eyes On

The world is seeing a bit of a “shortage” of male bloggers. Male bloggers are very important to the blogging community no matter who says they’re not or how many times they say it. I find it hard to believe that men cannot be bloggers or experts of fashion or style. I find the stereotypes that people have come up with about male bloggers or just men that like fashion to be demeaning and offensive. The fact that people think that to like fashion as a male makes you a “fruit” or gay is pretty annoying. Wanting to look good and to wear presentable clothing and being a man is something that all men should do and shouldn’t make you gay. SO enjoy my list!

1. One Dapper Street:


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3. Closet Freaks: Closet