Top 5 Street Style Experts

Street style during fashion month takes thought and time. It takes a person who is willing to take major risks in their clothing choices. Every street style expert needs to be able to completely disregard what others are going to think about their outfits. All of my favorite street stylers are risk takers, challenge accepters, confident with themselves and their outfits, and don’t give a rat’s ass about what people will think. So without further ado here are the 5 best street stylers!

1. Chiara Ferragni: It’s no surprise that Chiara is at the top of this list because let’s be real, no one does street style like her! From her SpongeBob Squarepants Moschino look last year to her elegant red lace Valentino dress this past fashion month she’s constantly pushing the boundaries of an expert street stylist! She has never failed to impress the people of the fashion community with her courageous fashion decisions and complete disregard for others! CHIARA2. Leandra Medine: The woman behind is no stranger to the spotlight during fashion month. She is wacky and likes to take risks with her fashion. She is always surprising yet enticing everyone around her during fashion month. Leandra’s fashion knows no boundaries and that’s what sets her apart from so many other street stylists! Leandra Medine at BCBG FW20153. Shiona Turini: If being besties with Solange Knowles doesn’t already make Shiona sound like an insanely stylish person, then I don’t know what will! Shiona is classic, timeless, and confident with her fashion. While it’s not always cooky and odd, Shiona still manages to wow us with her expert styling. Her best looks happen when she is at fashion month and in every shot taken of her on the streets, she looks happier than anyone I’ve ever seen. Even through pictures her infectious smile and on point fashion effects everyone else! Shiona Turini at Tommy Hilfiger FW20154. Olivia Palermo: Is it really shocking that Olivia is on the list? Olivia has been doing street style perfectly for so many years that it’s beginning to look like she’s not even trying anymore. Her style looks so easy and just natural that she is the envy of other street stylers around her. When Olivia steps out she steps out. No one can touch her creds in the fashion world because she’s so renowned and adored all around the world. PALERMO5. Eva Chen: To top of the list is none other than Lucky Magazine editor in chief EVA CHEN! Just hearing her name you can make out that gorgeous smile and that adorable bob right off the bat in your head. Eva constantly has flawless street style and has all of the connections a person could ever dream of having! Her choices in fashion are practical and diverse. The thing about her style that intrigues me the most is that she is relatable in her sense of style, because she’s not always wearing pricey designer clothing. She mixes it up by wearing maybe a Topshop dress with adorable Tibi heels. I will never stop rooting for Eva Chen! EVAEnjoy!

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