White, Denim, Black, and A Whole Lotta Stress

I have been under vast amounts of pressure lately. I haven’t been able to fully think right because of everything going on right now! With another school year about to be wrapped up, comes another month and a half of my teachers trying to cram every last little thing they can think of before the year ends. Then I have tennis and that’s about to be finished so I want to try my hardest to show the coach I’m ready for next year and the rest of this one! Then I have my (at the moment) horrid grades to bring up before like yesterday! Plus my senate elections and all the last minute committees stuff. Then I’m struggling to find a job that I’m going to actually enjoy! And everything has been too much to handle. So, ya. That’s my life.

My outfit was obviously a simple and right to the point kind of outfit. One of those ones that you just throw on and hope for the best. I’ve never been much of a jewelrey person but I just couldn’t resist this nut ring from F21! It adds a little pinch of edge and risk to my outfit and that’s why I like it so much. Express’ items have always had a special place in my heart. This simple white tee, while being plain white, has so much personality! You can’t see it that well but there’s a subtle little stripey pattern thingy going on and on top of that it’s out of this world comfortable! Have an amazing week and stay fab! ✌🏽 


H&M black jeans // EXPRESS white tee // Target denim shirt // Converse shoes // Forever 21 ring (SOLD OUT similar here)



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