Saturday Review: PROM EDITION

As I sit here tortured and being held against my will at my school’s prom (which I’m helping for my student council) I’m seeing different questionable dresses and tuxes alike here and there. It’s becoming a trend every year for each student to try and find the most “unique” dress possible and each year it sure does happen. People go through months and months full of trying on dresses and to no prevail find a dress that some other girl at school has and it starts “conflict.” Big trends to look out for concerning prom dresses would be: gold embroidery, ruffley bottoms, black and red combo, form fitted dresses, and the same old, infamous, OG…..bedazzles/jewels. I can’t tell what I don’t like more jewels or jewels on pastel colored dresses. It just doesn’t do anything for the person wearing it. I know that choosing what you wear to prom is a crucial and difficult decision for boys and girls, but with proper guidance and instruction you can always make it at least somewhat ok? So for all you prom goers out there….don’t screw up, have fun, stick to what you love, and at least attempt to cool it with the jewels and unfitted tuxes! Stay fab! 


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