Red & Stripes 

Check out these bad ass Ralph Lauren pants. I mean really. I appreciate a good colored pant as much as the next person, but this is actually the brightest colored pant I own and probably will ever own. I think that having color in your closet and having a piece of clothing that is bright even if there’s only one is a smart thing because  it helps add dimension to your wardrobe. You’ve got to have lots of variety and lots of options. Wearing the same old same old neutrals and dark colors only takes you so far for so long. And what better way to add a bright color to your wardrobe than if it’s Polo Ralph Lauren? I figured adding my favorite simple striped tee to this outfit would add a different element to the outfit! Have a good week and stay fab! 







Polo Ralph Lauren red pants // H&M tee SOLD OUT (similar here) // Converse shoes 

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(PS big thanks to Julia Beer for these sick pics! her insta is juliaa.jpg) 


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