Military & Cream 

I’m such a fan of the color green. No matter what shade I’m in! I can’t get enough of military green especially because I think it’s so good for casual or formal outfits! Every time I wear this shirt I fall in love all over again! The oversized-ness is why I originally bought it in the first place! I’ve loved these pants since the minute I bought them like 3 years ago! And I only pull them out when I’m feeling like wearing something that makes me feel good! And I know that it doesn’t look like it, but believe it or not it’s May. Here in New Mexico we get to experience every season. And when we experience them we experience them. Cold winters, chilly falls, rainy springs, and scorching summers. But lately it’s been a little rainy/gloomy around here! And I’m slightly ok with it because I get to pull out my favorite fall pieces! I hope you all have a good week and stay fab! (as if you forgot)   








American Eagle old shirt (similar here) // American Eagle old pants (similar here) // Dr. Martens shoes 

Pictures by: Sonya Contreras


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