Patched Denim & White Tee 

I have oogled and drooled over these jeans from Forever 21 from the moment I laid eyes on them a couple of months back. They’re super weird and unlike anything I’ve ever worn before and that’s why I like them so much. I finally got the chance to go browse through Forever 21 and just happened to find these beauties on sale!! Seeing an item you’ve wanted forever on sale is like equivalent to the last day of school! There is only one little issue with these jeans…..the mom butt. I have never had a pair of jeans that I’ve had this problem with! I honestly can’t put into words how funny my butt looks when I wear them! Thankfully I didn’t get any shots of it today, so you’ll have to see it some other time. Have a great Memorial Day and great end of the school week (to those in Farmington) And stay fab!!!!!  


Forever 21 denim (NO LONGER ONLINE) // H&M white tee // Converse sneakers 

photos by: Sonya Contreras 



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