Green & Cream Bermudas

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you guys! I have missed venting to you haha. Some stuff has most definitely changed! Obviously I have cut my hair! It was looooong overdue, and honestly it feels awesome! Some more personal things have changed as well, let’s just say some friendships were tested and some were ended, but what are you going to do right? It’s all taught me to be considerate, kind, and to not take your friends for granted ever! 

Onto the less depressing stuff, my outfit is me attempting to get into the summer groove of things! While it’s getting hotter it’s also somehow getting gloomier! My town is weird (weather-wise) and sometimes it gets really confusing! One day it’s cold one day it’s rainy and the next it’s bright and scorching hot! So dressing for summer lately has been very difficult! I want to desperately take out my shorts and sandals but I’m forced to wear jeans and a hoodie! So it did feel good to be able to wear some shorts and a tee for a change. And even when it’s blazing hot, I’ll still go straight to my favorite oversized pieces! Oversized clothing is something that’s honestly dear to me because it can be worn during any season and any occasion! Have a great week and stay fab!  









Vintage DKNY Jeans green tee // Zara oversized bermudas (similar here) // Converse shoes 

Photos by: Sonya Contreras @ legit.sonya 

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