Instead of a Saturday review like usual, I’m doing an outfit/contest entry post! I recently came across a little contest done by BlogLovin and H&M! Basically you enter a blog post or Instagram post wearing your favorite H&M pieces and then you win an award for Breakthrough Blogger Of The Year and a mentor ship with either Arielle from Soemthing Navy or Vanessa Hong from TheHautePursuit! I would be both honored and thrilled to win this contest due to the fact that I love both Arielle and Vanessa so much and I love H&M! 

H&M is hands down my favorite place to get clothes from! And it’s for so many different reasons such as: they’re amazing low prices, the overall minimalistic, conscious, and edgy style of their clothes, their morals and what they stand for, and their ability to do all of this while still staying true to the classic H&M style! Every piece I own has a different story and every time I enter the H&M store or visit their website, I’m being mesmerized and impressed by every single aspect of the store itself! From my striped tee, to my baby blue tee, to my favorite pair of black jeans, and even to my favorite sweatshirt all of the pieces I own have a special place in my heart and always will! So this is just one of my favorite outfits I have worn from H&M! It was a hard decision to make, but I know it was right! I really hope I am considered and rewarded with the honor of winning BlogLovin’s contest! Thank you and stay fab!!  








H&M skinny low black jeans // H&M light beige fine-knit sweater // Doc Martens shoes 

Photos by: Sonya Contreras @ legit.sonya  



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