Black, Black, & Black 

I know what you’re thinking “That kid lives in a desert! Why the hell is he wearing all black??” My answer is “honestly I don’t know.” Haha. I really appreciate a good all black outfit! It takes a lot of balls to try an all black outfit honestly! I think it is a lot harder than it looks to get the perfect black outfit achieved. I’m not even positive that I got it right haha. Sometimes all black can be a sort of distraction mechanism/shield for the person wearing it. They can be anything from insecure to self unsure. And all black is a way to hide that in a usually unnoticeable way. Most people would never know someone was trying to hide something with black clothing until they’re told. I myself have never used black clothing to hide something but if I’m being quite honest, I might if the opportunity presented itself. So have a good week and stay fab!  


H&M skinny low black jeans // Target black tee // Converse sneakers // Old hat (similar here
Photos by: Sonya Contreras @ legit.sonya 

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