Saturday Editorial: What Blogging Means To Me 

So what does blogging mean to me? One might think that blogging is a way to get fame/fortune and in some cases it can be used for that, but in my case it wasn’t for either of those things whatsoever! With that being said, I started my blog for a kind of random/lame reason. I started it to boost my writing skills. In the beginning the idea was never to start a fashion blog at all! It was about the beginning of my freshman year. I juggled and tossed the idea in my head for at least a good month, but could never truly commit to the idea of publicly publishing my writing for the whole world to see! It honestly scared me to think that people all around the world would be able to see and read my writing. But I finally got over my fears and just did it. But the day I actually created it, I just sat and stared at the screen thinking of something to write and couldn’t think of it! I still remember what I was wearing that day, very vividly actually! I wore a plain white tee from Forever21, Hollister jeans, and a blue and white striped Hollister button up around my waist. I thought to myself “this is a good outfit! People will want to see it!” So I asked my sister to take some pictures, and I posted a short and sweet first blog post! 

Blogging means so much to me. Blogging has become a part of who I am. My blog is a part of me that I hope/wish will always be what makes me…me! I’ve grown so much from blogging alone that it actually amazes me! Blogging has helped me become confident in my style and confident in my everyday life! Blogging to me means that you have a voice and you use it in many ways possible depending on what type it is! Every kind of blog from: food, interior, style, or even parenting has an impact on someone, somewhere! That’s the mission of my blog. To inspire, impact, and change someone’s life. With every post I aspire to make some man/boy get dressed a little bit easier and a little bit more confidently. Blogging means using a creative output to somehow reach someone somewhere and speak and inspire them. I love my blog. I love my writing. I love my outfits. And I love love love my readers! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

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