The 4th 

The Fourth of July is no longer just for grilling & fireworks, it’s evolved into a day where all the members of the fashion world get to show off their greatest summer looks and their greatest patriotic looks! Choosing an outfit for the fourth can be somewhat difficult because it depends on what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. If you’re just having or going to a barbecue you should opt for something more laid back and comfortable! If you’re planning on hitting up the lake with friends obviously go for a nice swimsuit and maybe a button up and some sandals! But me, well we don’t do big huge ordeals on the 4th we usually go somewhere to just sit and be with family and watch some ok fireworks! And I usually end up getting dressed up because, well I’m not really sure why I just enjoy it! I am so in love with pairing red white and blue in clothing that I find myself wearing the color combo over and over again even after the 4th is long gone and forgotten! To me the combo never gets old and probably never will! (And I’m not just saying that because of our country’s colors) So have an amazing week and an even better 4 of July and stay fab! (Ps I probably won’t end up wearing this on the 4th because I’m so damn indecisive!)  



Polo Ralph Lauren button-up // Hollister denim // Converse shoes
{Photos by: Julia Beer}

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