Month: July 2015

WIWW: (Thursday…Oops) Belts 

Sorry I forgot to post yesterday! In the back of my mind I knew I had to make up a post, but I kept putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off and never actually got to it! Anyways, I’ve realized lately that I don’t have any belts really worth showing! I have a couple that I usually just use obviously to hold up some pants that are a little big on my scrawny ass haha. But now I realize that I need a good quality belt that I don’t try to hide with my shirts! And all of these belts are exquisite and stylish in their own ways, and I can’t help but want them all! Have a good rest of the week and stay fab!  


{L to R: Zara | Saint Laurent | Urban Outfitters | H&M | Balenciaga

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Red Stripes and Light Washed Denim

Red and White is a great color combo. I never go towards red pieces just because I like colors that enhance my skin color. When I do wear red I enjoy it and how it’s so much fun to work with. I bought this extraordinarily soft tee for $8 at H&M and have never been so in love with a tee shirt more than I am with this one! I figured pairing it with my classic light washed denim would give it a more relaxed feel and I was right about that! Lately I’ve been shooting my blog pictures with my iPhone 6 and have seen a great enhancement with the quality of my images and how the clothes look! I love using Sonya’s camera but sometimes it washes out the color of my clothes! And take a look at my thrashed converse. Can you say used and abused? But nonetheless they’re still one of my favorite pairs! Have a great week and stay fab! ❤️ 













H&M tee (red and white sold out / other colors here) // Old jeans // Converse shoes 

Photos by sonya contreras 

Saturday Editorial: Favorite Instagram Looks

Basically I’m going to be sharing some of my personal favorite looks on my Instagram that I didn’t tag or get to tag. My Instagram is my life. I live for Instagram. It’s a creative tool to get yourself and your interests out in the public eye. Almost everything you see here was only posted on my Instagram and got some good feedback! I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend and as always, stay fab


Wearing: H&M total look


Wearing: H&M white tee | Calvin Klein white trousers | Target espadrilles 

Wearing: Vintage DKNY tee | Pacsun joggers | New Balance sneakers

 Wearing: Express tee | Hollister DIY ripped denim | Nike slides   

Wearing: Old Navy tee | Hollister denim | Converse shoes 

Wearing: H&M tee | Forever 21 denim

Wearing: H&M tee & jeans | ASOS slip-ons | Target hat

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WIWW: Blues 

As I’ve said before, I LOVE BLUE! Blue prints, blue shades, blue, blue, blue. No matter what style or piece it’s on I will buy almost anything blue! Have a great week and stay fab


{left to right: Topman | Zara | Levi’s (via Mr. Porter) | H&M | Urban Outfitters | ASOS | COS


The Neoprene Dream

This shirt is uber comfortable and I’m so happy that I bought it! I’ve been eyeing many different neoprene pieces from places like COS, H&M (where I got this shirt) , and Urban Outfitters! There’s something about the material that draws me in and I just want to have an endless surplus of neoprene pieces! This particular shirt is very simple and minimalistic in every way. It pairs perfectly with some of my favorite bottoms and shoes and that’s why I bought it! I also have lately had an obsession with anything blue. No matter what shade or what style I most definitely am addicted to blue right now! The blue section in my closet is slowly growing in size and I’m all for it! Adding unique and vibrant pieces like my holographic/oil spill slip-ons to a plain outfit adds dimension and allure! Have a great week and stay fab! 
H&M shirt (blue version not online gray version here) // Old Zara bermudas // ASOS slip-on plimsolls 

Photos by Sonya Contreras @legit.sonya 


Saturday Editorial: Summer Style

I believe that everyone should have at least two go-to summer outfits. Or at least two pieces that speak the most about summer to them. A go-to summer outfit is an outfit that makes you really contemplate and ponder about. I think that summer style is style that is whatever you want it to be! I don’t think summer style has a strict definition, but I do think it should fully represent you and you personal style. Some people won’t change their style habits over the duration of summer. You will still see people wearing leather jackets, leather pants, jeans, jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. But that is ok! You need to rock whatever style you want to rock no matter what season. Summer style should be something you don’t take seriously! (Boys & Girls) Summer style could be effortless, easy, light, heavy, boho, grunge, high fashion, or just casual day everyday! It does not matter and you should not care because it is nobody’s damn business! My personal summer style is dynamic. I like to switch up what I wear and how I wear it! I could wear my leather pants one day and the next wear my swimsuit all day! It just does not matter and you should not care at all! Be you! Wear what you want to wear! Show how much you want to show! Layer as much as you want to layer! Mix prints! Color block! Wear monochrome! Wear whatever, whenever, with whoever, for whatever reason! Do you! Have a great weekend and as always, stay fab! ✌️

See some summer outfit inspo (boy & girl) below ⬇️ 

Images via. {Pinterest, Song Of StyleThe Blonde Salad}

WIWW: H&M Picks 

I LOVE H&M! I’m just head over heels over all their pieces! Enjoy some of my favorite picks and pieces that I will soon (hopefully) own! Have a great week and stay fab!  

All Items H&M.