Saturday Editorial: Silverton Antics

Me being from Farmington,NM ,but having family that originates from San Diego, CA I’ve not gotten the opportunity to explore and experience the “outdoors” (outdoors as in woods/forest) and most of the time that distresses me. But the other half of the time I kind of wish I could go camping, hiking, and just exploring in the outdoors. My parents have done everything they can to provide myself and my four sisters with everything we want/need but camping and stuff wasn’t part of that (no disrespect to my parents ❤️) we’re just naturally not a really outdoor-sie family, and I’m ok with that. So when we get to go camping and stuff it’s a big deal for all of us! This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to Silverton, CO and camp with my dad, mom, two sisters, niece, and niece’s dad. We had a blast. Getting to bond and interact with my family is something I will never take for granted. After all when I finish high school, I want to head straight for a big city and live a fashionable life away from them! But all jokes aside we had a great time sleeping outdoors, eating s’mores, going potty outdoors, walking around the town, hiking, and just being around each other. The little town of Silverton  is most likely one of my favorite places to visit. Whether I’m passing through or staying for the weekend I enjoy every second in the town. So have a great week and enjoy some of my favorite pics taken in Silverton! Stay fab! 


Wearing: Target white tee // Elwood Apparel joggers // Chuck Originals backpack   
Wearing: Converse sneakers

Wearing: Silverton gift shop tee // Zara oversized bermudas // Converse sneakers

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