Saturday Editorial: Summer Style

I believe that everyone should have at least two go-to summer outfits. Or at least two pieces that speak the most about summer to them. A go-to summer outfit is an outfit that makes you really contemplate and ponder about. I think that summer style is style that is whatever you want it to be! I don’t think summer style has a strict definition, but I do think it should fully represent you and you personal style. Some people won’t change their style habits over the duration of summer. You will still see people wearing leather jackets, leather pants, jeans, jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. But that is ok! You need to rock whatever style you want to rock no matter what season. Summer style should be something you don’t take seriously! (Boys & Girls) Summer style could be effortless, easy, light, heavy, boho, grunge, high fashion, or just casual day everyday! It does not matter and you should not care because it is nobody’s damn business! My personal summer style is dynamic. I like to switch up what I wear and how I wear it! I could wear my leather pants one day and the next wear my swimsuit all day! It just does not matter and you should not care at all! Be you! Wear what you want to wear! Show how much you want to show! Layer as much as you want to layer! Mix prints! Color block! Wear monochrome! Wear whatever, whenever, with whoever, for whatever reason! Do you! Have a great weekend and as always, stay fab! ✌️

See some summer outfit inspo (boy & girl) below ⬇️ 

Images via. {Pinterest, Song Of StyleThe Blonde Salad}


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