Red Stripes and Light Washed Denim

Red and White is a great color combo. I never go towards red pieces just because I like colors that enhance my skin color. When I do wear red I enjoy it and how it’s so much fun to work with. I bought this extraordinarily soft tee for $8 at H&M and have never been so in love with a tee shirt more than I am with this one! I figured pairing it with my classic light washed denim would give it a more relaxed feel and I was right about that! Lately I’ve been shooting my blog pictures with my iPhone 6 and have seen a great enhancement with the quality of my images and how the clothes look! I love using Sonya’s camera but sometimes it washes out the color of my clothes! And take a look at my thrashed converse. Can you say used and abused? But nonetheless they’re still one of my favorite pairs! Have a great week and stay fab! ❤️ 













H&M tee (red and white sold out / other colors here) // Old jeans // Converse shoes 

Photos by sonya contreras 



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