You read right! I’ve got some great stuff planned for my blog! 

So as you know, my goal in life is to become a fashion journalist/writer. Writing has always been a passion of mine and it’s a passion that I plan on pursuing after high school. To help boost/improve my writing and preparation for journalism I’m going to start bi weekly interview pieces for my blog! I’m going to handpick the people I interview based on my knowledge of them and their fashion sense. Keep in mind that obviously I’ll have to start with local people and eventually go from there! I also want everyone to know that I will not be choosing people based on how good of friends I am or how well I know them! Yes, there will be some of my close friends or friends that I’ll be working with, but I did not choose my interview-ees based on my relationship with them. I chose them based on how stylish/interesting I deemed them. Interviews are a great way to practice and prepare for a future journalism/writing career. So bare with me as I begin this new journey in my blog! Also give me any feedback on questions to ask or people to interview. I need all of the help/support I can get! (I also do not want you guys thinking that I am trying to be biased or judge people by how fashionable or un-fashionable they are!) Thank you, have a great week and stay fab


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