Saturday Interview: Savannah King 

This is my first interview piece for 13th St. and I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time! I’m so happy that I finally worked up the courage to add this content to the site! 

I know Savannah from school and she is a good friend of mine! I haven’t been friends with Savannah for awhile but I have known her and how stylish she is for about two years now. Savannah has a very distinct sense of style that I find intriguing. She loves colors and stripes and accessorizing. I met up with her, my friend Erin and Savannah’s little brother at Starbucks yesterday morning to do the interview and it went great! Savannah is one of the most genuine and kind people I’ve ever met and I enjoy being around her. Take a look below at the questions I asked and some of my favorite Instagram looks of hers! Enjoy and stay fab!

1. On her personal style: “Feminine and girly”

2. On favorite print & color to wear: “Stripes and teal”

3. On perfect summer outfit: “A dress because I don’t like wearing pants during summer and a statement necklace” 

4. On perfect night out outfit: “Black skinnies and a sequined top” 

5. On how her style has evolved: “I used to wear a lot of jeans and Hollister because it was cool, but now I’m bolder and don’t care if someone else is wearing what I’m wearing”

6. On favorite social media outlet for fashion inspiration: “Pinterest” 

7. On favorite piece of clothing she owns: “My tulle skirt”

8. On trend she wishes would go away: “Bucket hats are coming back and I don’t like them” (SAMEEEE)

9. On trend she can’t get enough of: “Statement necklaces”

10. On fashion icon: “I’ve been looking at classic women lately like Audrey Hepburn”

11. On one thing that goes through her head when getting ready: “To stand out more”y

12. On favorite place to shop: “This is hard! Probably H&M”

13. On best piece of advice ever received about fashion: “I don’t know who said it but it was a quote that said ” Always take off one accessory before walking out the door” I think it was Chanel?”

14. On what fashion means to her: “A different way of expressing yourself” 

I had so much fun with Savannah and know that I chose the right person to be my first interview!  

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram here!


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