Fresh Whites 

I got these shoes and this tee just yesterday and immediately shot the pictures after! I always end up doing that because if I don’t shoot it immediately or I’ll definitely forget! 
White clothing makes a person feel good. It makes you feel light and worry free. Sometimes it can even make a person feel luxurious! This Polo Ralph Lauren tee is a soft and modern twist on the average white tee. It’s so comfortable and tailored perfectly I couldn’t be happier. And obviously a new pair of white converse was long overdue! These ones are so white I’m scared to walk in them because I tend to be destructive. And this denim was a DIY project and I love the way they look and feel on me. Have a great week and stay fab!







Polo Ralph Lauren tee // DIY frayed hem denim // Converse sneakers 

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Photos by Sonya Contreras @ legit.sonya 


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