Saturday Interview: Emily Bliss 

My second interview is finally finished! I enjoy doing these so much, definitely more than I’ll ever be able to explain. It kind of gives me an adrenaline rush? If that makes sense? I just get so much joy out of finding out about people’s fashion and how they like to dress themselves. It will absolutely never get old! 

Emily is another good friend of mine that I’ve only known for a short amount of time, but still consider her one of my closest friends! I absolutely adore Emily’s style and the way she carries herself. Her style is as she says later “edgy” and I 100% agree! Her ability to take simple pieces and put them together to make outfits that scream edge is one of the many things I admire about her. She is most definitely one of the most down to earth and laid back people I’ve ever met and has a great sense of humor! I loved doing this interview even though she was super nervous I think she did great and I’m excited for you all to see the ending result! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Stay fab! {below you can read the q&a between Emily and I & some of my favorite looks of hers on Instagram} 

1. On her personal style: “Edgy, but classy”

2. On favorite color to wear: “Black”

3. On go-to summer outfit: “For the beach, a bikini and a dress cover up, and for going out, just a tank top and shorts”

4. On go-to night out outfit: “Jeans and a t-shirt”

5. On go-to casual outfit: “My casual is definitely nicer than my night out!”

6. On her personal style in one word: “Edgy”

7. On favorite social media outlet for fashion inspo: “Pinterest or Instagam”

8. On favorite piece of clothing etc.: “My watch”

9. On one trend she wish would go away: “White converse, just because everyone has them now”

10. On fashion icon: “Marvin, duh!” ❤️ {much love 😘}

11. On what goes through her head while getting ready in the morning: “Will I feel confident in this?”

12. On one trend she can’t get enough of: “Gold accessories”

13. On favorite place to shop: “H&M”

14. On best piece of advice she’s been given on fashion: “As long as you’re confident in it, it probably looks really good”

15. On how her fashion has evolved: “I started getting pieces that others probably wouldn’t have”

16. On what fashion means to her: “A confidence booster and a bad day solver” 

I had such a great time interviewing Emily and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 

{Don’t forget to check out Emily’s Instagram here


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