Saturday Interview: Payton Sandoval 

This is the first exception to my own rule of not interviewing my best friends. Obviously my friends mean a lot to me and obviously a factor of our friendship is that they’re so stylish. So hate me or don’t but get over it either way because it’s happening!

Payton is a very good friend of mine. We’ve been friends for about 2 years and I love every second we spend toether because she’s nice, fun, and uber stylish! I chose her because she has a sense of style that is unique and individually pleasing. She knows what goes and what doesn’t and se knows how to tell it like it is when it comes to fashion. Interviewing her was very fun and very easy because we’re so used to each other’s company.  I loved interviewing her and loved talking with her about fashion. Enjoy and stay fab! {check out Payton and I’s q&a and some of my favorite Instagram looks of hers below}

1. On her personal style: “Preppy and very trendy as in I like following trends” 

2. On her favorite print and color to wear: “Stripes and black or grey” 

3. On her go-to summer outfit: “A long tee, jeans, and gladiator sandals”

4. On her go-to night out outfit: “Black jeans, a crop top, a sweater, a piece of bold jewelry, and sandals”

5. On her go-to casual outfit: “Cargo pants and a neutral sweater”

6. On how her style has evolved: “It’s gotten more mature and I stopped wearing just logo tees and jeans everyday”

7. On her favorite social media outlet for fashion inspo: “ and Instagram”

8. On favorite piece of clothing: “Zara black skinnies, they’re so comfortable”

9. On her fashion icon: “Kendall Jenner”

10. On one trend she wish would go away: “Longline tees”

11. On one trend she can’t get enough of: “I really like t-shirt dresses” 

12. On what goes through her head when getting ready: “WWKW (what would kendall wear) or would Kendal approve?”

13. On favorite place to shop: “Madewell”

14. On best piece of fashion advice she’s been given: “Make it your own or you can never go wrong with black”

15. On what fashion means to her: “It’s fun to be creative”

{Don’t forget to follow Payton on insta here}

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