Saturday Editorial: Instagram Looks #2 

I liked doing a round up of my favorite Instagram looks so much that I’m doing it a second time! I know I’m supposed to have an interview for you guys, but it was my birthday yesterday and I was busy being THE BIRTHDAY BOY to actually set up an interview and do it! So if you’re looking for an interview…boo hoo.

I chose some more of my personal favorite looks of mine that I’ve posted on Instagram, but not on my blog! Some of these I will eventually blog, but for now you’ll have to give my insta a visit from time to time! Enjoy and have a great weekend! Stay fab!!  


Wearing: Target tee // Hollister denim


Wearing: Target tee // Forever 21 denim


Wearing: Cactus Clothing button-up // Hollister denim // Doc Martens lace ups 


Wearing: Target tee // H&M denim // ASOS slip-ons


Wearing: Urban Outfitters tee // Hollister denim // ASOS slip-on


Wearing: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren denim shirt // H&M denim // Converse sneakers 

{Check out my insta here ❤️} 


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