Soft Palette & Sneaks & 100 Posts!! 

I love a good color palette. When choosing out my color palette for the day I always try to keep in mind which colors look the best  and which colors will be complimentary to the others. I think the color palette of any outfit is what makes that particular outfit it’s own. And not every outfit has to have a specific palette picked out, some put prints and patterns to make their outfits pop and that’s what I love about fashion. The fact that you can wear any print, color, pattern, texture, or fit and still be stylish and comfortable! This building in my town has always caught my eye since I can remember, and I finally got the chance to shoot in front of it for the first time and the pictures came out great! 

On another note..I’VE REACHED 100 POSTS!!!!!! I’m honestly in disbelief that I’ve posted 100 times! I’m so ecstatic and so overjoyed to be able to do what I love at such a young age and consider myself very successful! Thank you to all my readers and supporters! Much love! Have a great week and stay fab!! ❤️ 💯


H&M tee // Old Zara bermudas // Converse sneakers  

Special thanks to my great friend Faith Chavers for these dope pictures! 

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