Saturday Editorial: Fave NYFW Show | Calvin Klein Collection 

Fashion month has come to a lovely and phenomenal end. With that comes all the round-ups and trend reports that we’ve all come to know and love! My own personal round-up will be done within the span of four weekends because I’ll be rounding up my favorite show from each city! 
To start off, New York is the first city and Calvin Klein Collection is the first designer/show. Once again Francisco Costa has proved that silk is the true “fabric of our lives.” Costa masterfully created a plethora of slip dresses that furthermore prove that the slip dress is the dress to own. Since the 90’s when Calvin Klein introduced the revolutionary slip dress modeled by the one and only Kate Moss, they’ve been such a major part of what makes Cavlin Klein so unique and innovative! The dress truly embodies the entire brand which is simple, modern, and sophisticated. While the original dress has been tweaked and modified, the new army of slips creates an envious and flattering aspect to the dress itself. This show was filled with one of the best color pallets I’ve ever witnessed (even though I watched over the internet) and some of the best beauty looks I’ve seen all month. The natural and almost minimal make-up & hair the models had made the show even more minimalistic and drool-worthy. All in all, Costa has wowed and impressed us with an exquisite and thoughtful collection. Check out some of my favorite looks below ⬇️! And stay fab!   


All Images Via: Vogue

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