Boat Neck Stripes & Espadrilles 

I’m trying to wear all of my favorite summer pieces one last time before it’s completely unwearable because of the unbearable cold! And that piece in this outfit is my pair of espadrilles from H&M. Time after time I buy a pair of espadrilles that I fall in love with…and then they rip. Somehow I always find a way to rip my espadrilles and it really gets under my skin sometimes! But besides that, take a look at this long sleeve striped tee, that I waited…..(wait for it)…… 4 WEEKS for! I honestly don’t know what took so long but it took longer than anything I’ve ever ordered in my life! But I have to say, the wait was so worth it! This tee is so soft and so adorable! I’m such a lover of stripes, that my parents are beginning to get angry because “everything in my closet looks the same.” Blah blah blah! Either way, I LOVE STRIPES! Sorry. I’m done. I promise. Have a great week and stay fab!!    
ASOS long sleeve striped tee // Hollister denim // H&M beige espadrilles (ON SALE) 

Photos by Faith Chavers (on iphone6) 

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