Saturday Interview: Hailie Nygren 

This week’s interview did not happen in person. I’ve been swamped with senate events, homework, tennis, blogging, shooting, and making time to actually relax. So I didn’t get the chance to actually meet up with Hailie and do a literal interview, so I texted her the questions and got her responses! 

Not only is Hailie a fellow blogger, but she is a good friend of mine that has a sick sense of fashion, amazing photography skills, and the best personality a person could hope to have. There is most definitely not a mean bone in this girl’s body and I applaud her for that! Hailie definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to dressing herself! Just by looking at one outfit of her’s you can instantly tell she’s a true fashion girl. Everytime Hailie creates another amazing outfit, EVERYONE notices and EVERYONE loves it! She has a soft and intricate taste that I love and adore! Check out Hailie’s Q&A below and my favorite Instagram looks of hers! Stay fab!! 

1. On her personal style: “I think my style is girlie with a little bit of whatever I want to be that day.”

2. On her favorite color/print to wear: “I love lace. It is so pretty and delicate; it is so good at making something a little more elegant. And floral, it is bright, happy and fun. And white, I love white, I don’t know why but anytime I go to any store like f21 I am always drawn to soft colors, especially white.”

3. On the perfect summer outfit: “I am really big on modesty, so probably a cute knee length skirt and tee with soft messy waves and a cute pair of earrings. It’s easy and cute.”

4. On the perfect night out outfit: “For a less formal night out a nice pair of jeans with a cute top, statement necklace & diamond studs. For a more formal night, a floral skirt, a striped top, and booties.”

5. On the perfect casual outfit: “Jeans and cute top, a good pair of earring with converse or sandals”

6. On how her style has evolved: “Oh my gosh, so much!! My style has always been different than most peoples but as I have matured, it also has. I’ve also come to appreciate a grungy chic look that I never thought I would’ve. I’ve realized my style doesn’t have to be what everyone else is wearing but what makes me comfortable and what I think looks cute, I am not going to lie I’ve had fashion malfunctions, but those have helped me be able to wear what I want to wear and feel good in it.”

7. On her personal style in one word: “Me. My style is how I feel or how I want to express myself so my style is me.”

8. On her favorite social media outlet for fashion inspiration: “Pinterest. Absolutely positively, it is my go to place. If I have a piece of clothing I don’t know exactly how to wear, I Pinterest it!”

9. On her favorite piece of clothing: “My black overalls, they are so different from most everything else I own, but yet they are so chic and modern AND comfy.”

10. On one trend she wishes would go away: “I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for but I think just being lazy in your style, not trying to look good or look like you’re about what you are wearing.”

11. On her fashion icon: “Audrey Hepburn. So classy and elegant and she felt good in what she wore.”

12. On one trend she can’t get enough of: “Booties, booties and booties. They are so cute and fun!”

13. On one thing that goes through her head when getting ready: “Do I feel good in this, do I think it is cute?”

14. On her favorite place to shop: “Forever 21, there are so many options and most of them are super adorable and at a good price. AND I like window shopping in anthropology the items they have are so unique and well made.”

15. On the best piece of advice she’s gotten about fashion: “If you like it, wear it.”

16. On what fashion means to her: “It means expressing myself. Fashion has always been a big part of my life, and I think it is because it is one way for me to express myself without saying anything at all. When I am down fashion is something I can turn to, if it is shopping or putting on outfits from my closet. Fashion is fun and always changing it is something for me to show who I am. Fashion is something that I can learn from, that I can see my mistakes and grow. And it is something that makes sense to me, like it just clicks, and to be able to express myself and find items of clothing that represent me is so cool.” (GOOD ANSWER) 

{Don’t forget to follow Hailie on insta here}


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