Easy & Simple like Sunday Morning 

As you know, I’ve developed quite the collection of white tee shirts. Over the years my love for white tees has only enhanced vastly and I’m ok with that. Most people that know me, think it’s kind of irrational and pointless to own so many white tees, but I find it completely acceptable because they’re all from different stores, that makes it better…right? Not only do I love white tees, but I love ripped denim. A majority of the pairs of jeans I own, are ripped/distressed. I think it takes a lot of work and a good eye to find the perfect ripped jean. I got very lucky when I stumbled upon these beauties at Gap! There’s so many aspects I love about these jeans like: the fit, the rips, the wash, and the overall material & how comfortable they are! Gap sure knows what they’re doing when it comes to denim, because this pair is my new favorite (maybe)! Have a great week and stay fab!  

Topman white tee (via Nordstrom) // Gap denim (SOLD OUT / Similar here) //  ASOS slip on plimsolls 

Photos by Sonya Contreras

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