Saturday Interview: Monica Briones 

Love love loved all of Monica’s answers! Monica and I met through mutual friends and tennis & student council contributed as well. Monica has a sense of style that is loud, outgoing, and daring. I admire the way she can put pieces together that usually wouldn’t, and make it work. Anyone who can pull off a full on faux fur coat or a red poncho, knows what they’re doing style wise. Monica is a genuinely kind and intelligent person who has a fashion sense that screams confidence and creativity. I want to thank Monica for being so patient and honest and being so easy to interview! Have a great weekend and stay fab! {Check out Monica and I’s Q&A and some looks of hers below}

1. On how she describes her personal style: “I think my style is incredibly diverse. I get inspired by everything so all my outfits are different.”

2. On favorite print/color to wear: “My favorite color to wear is definitely black or white and my favorite pattern is cheetah”

3. On her perfect summer outfit: “A causal T-shirt dress with some sandals”

4. On her perfect night out outfit: “A fancy dress, jewelry, a cute purse and some heels.”

5. On her perfect casual outfit: “Boyfriend jeans, baggy shirt, heals, and lots of jewelry.”

6. On how her style has evolved: “In seventh grade I literally wore sweats and a t shirt everyday. In eighth grade I wore leggings, sweats, jeans, and a t shirt everyday. Now I wear dresses, skirts, and heals almost everyday. So my style has definitely changed a lot”

7. On her personal style in one word: “Fun”

8. On her favorite social media outlet for fashion inspo: “Instagram”

9. On her favorite piece of clothing etc : “Black and white striped t shirt dress”

10. On one trend she wishes would go away: “High to low dresses and skirts”

11. On one trend she cant get enough of: “Wearing all one color especially nude, black, and grey”

12. On her fashion icon: “Zendaya Coleman is definitely my fashion icon. She has such a diverse style, I love it”

13. On what goes through her head when getting ready: “What kind of person does this outfit make me look like? Would I want to be represented by this outfit? It’s super important to me that whatever I’m wearing is modest and expresses how I feel that day.”

14. On her favorite place to shop: “H&M”

15. On best advice you’ve been given about fashion: “Being told it’s okay to be different and stand out. After reading so many different blogs I’ve learned that even if others don’t like what I’m wearing if I do, who cares?”

15. On what fashion means to her: “Fashion means expressing my voice. It’s my outlet. Some people make music or write to show who they are. I use clothes to express how I feel and who I am.” 

16. On when she first realized she loved fashion and what made her love it: “I became obsessed with fashion last year. I really hated school and I learned that dressing up and getting ready gave me a reason to go to school. I learned that fashion was a way I could express myself and how I was feeling.”

17. On how fashion influenced her life: “Fashion has definitely influenced my confidence level. As long as I’m wearing a good outfit I’m never self conscious.”

18. On what advice she’d give to younger girls about fashion: “Fashion is a way to express yourself. Don’t wear things to fit in with friends or to show off the latest trends. Wear things that make you confident and represent who you are.”

19. On what she’s learned most about fashion: “I’ve learned that you don’t actually have to be fashionable you just have to make people think you are. As long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing people will like your sense of style.”

Loved getting to interview Monica! {Don’t forget to check out her Instagram here}


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