Saturday Editorial: Blogger Spotlight 

This week I’ve decided to put one of my all time favorite bloggers in the limelight for you. Danielle Bernstein is a 22 year old fashion blogger living in New York City and has been blogging for about 5 years I believe. Danielle’s blog is all out chic, sophisticated, edgy, and embodies a free spirit. I live for all of Danielle’s posts every week because they’re always short, sweet, and uber stylish. I love viewing every post because it’s always different than the other. Her style is ever changing and evolves every once in a while and that’s what’s so enticing about her. Every aspect about Danielle’s Instagram feed and blog is aesthetically pleasing in its own way. Everything from the filters she uses, the outfits she wears, the photography, and her overall demeanor is what makes her so interesting. I advise everyone who has a phone to check out Danielle’s blog & Instagram feed. Have a great weekend and stay fab!  


All images via WWW

Check out Danielle @ WeWoreWhat

{Instagram | Facebook Page | Pinterest | Twitter


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