Top 10 Fashion Moments/Trends of 2015

As 2015, another great and exciting year comes to a close soon, I begin to think about how much my personal fashion has changed, and also how fashion in general has changed. Everytime I think of some of the trends, events, shows, collections, and innovations in fashion, I get stuck because there’s so many good ones! From H&M X Balmain to Givenchy in New York to the Yeezy Boosts and all the exciting & scary red carpet looks of the year, fashion has taken a sharp turn for the best. One of the best things about fashion in 2015 is that no brand, no blogger, no celebrity, no designer, and no stylist held back. They all let their creativity & style run free and it paid off well! Take a look below @ some of my personal favorite fashion happenings in 2015! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

 1. BALMAIN X H&M: One of the most highly anticipated and coveted collabs H&M has probably ever done. With the opening of the show featuring Kendall Jenner followed by other hot top models, it was bound for success.

  2. Candice Swanepoel’s fall @ Givenchy: While I love & support literally anything Candice does, this was too good to not share. I still feel terrible for her, but come on, she laughed too. 

3. Zendaya’s Vivienne Westwood Academy Awards Look: One of the most controversial & GENIUS red carpet looks ever done. At such a young age, Z shows us that she’s proud of her culture and not scared of what anyone says. (I’m still in awe)  

4. Louis Vutton in LA: Nicholas brought his luxurious brand to the sunny state of Cali and presented a masterpiece of a collection. Well done well done! 

5. Rihanna’s Giambattista Valli Grammys Look: GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS! The minute she stepped out, she was all anyone was talking about. Even for days after. I’m still talking about it. Months after!

6. Literally Any of Rihanna’s Street Style/Red Carpet Looks: Rihanna knows what she’s doing when  it comes to fashion. Every one of her looks is spot on
7. Stan Smiths: This shoe hit its climax this year. This was most likely one of the most coveted and worn shoes ever. (note to self: get myself a pair)

8. YEEZY: While the Stan Smith was a coveted shoe, the Yeezy Boost was close second. But even beyond that, West’s collection of nudes and neutrals was and is lust-worthy.

9. Rad Simons’ Exit from Dior: I’m still crying. Raf constantly created art and divinity with Dior. The clothes were elegant the shows were groundbreaking and the house was forever changed. The fashion world & Dior will miss you.

10. Calvin Klein Underwear (My Calvins): This year was filled with crotch grabbing, drum playing, and nude posing ads for Calvin Klein’s underwear. Nick, Justin, and Kendall are just a few celebs who have stripped down for the brand’s most renowned item. 

{Pictures via: Vogue, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google}


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