Saturday Interview: Anna Grinage 

I want to take a minute to express how terrible I feel for being extremely negligent with my posting. Inconsistency is one of my biggest pet peeves, and there I go doing it on my own blog! This and 3 more outfit posts will be my last posts of 2015! I am so excited for my last outfit posts becasue they’re going to be jam packed with amazing outfits and as always, a good time! 

For my latest interview I chose the one and only Anna Grinage. Anna & I became friends just last year and I took an extreme liking into her personal style. Her style is modest with a hint of delicacy and boho. Her outfits are always feminine and very clean. Anna never fails to amaze people with her put together looks and amazing pieces. I admire the way Anna puts her mind to something as simple as an outfit and how she is confident in her beliefs and her style. I enjoyed Anna’s answers and LOVE Anna! Have a great week and stay fab! (Check out our Q&A & some of her outfits below!) 

1. On her personal style: “I would describe my style as a combination of boho and chic; I switch between the two.”

2. On her favorite color/print to wear: “I really love floral and stripe prints & my fav color to wear would probably be grey or white.”

3. On her perfect summer outfit: “In summer I like comfy but cute t-shirts and ripped shorts with some cute sandals or converse.”

4. On her perfect night out outfit: “I’d have to go with cute tights, a black pleated skirt, a white t-shirt, and a stylish jacket.”

5. On her perfect casual outfit: “I love printed pants or jeans paired with plain tees.”
6. On her personal style in one word: “blogger-wannabe”

7. On her favorite social media outlet for fashion inspo: “PINTEREST”

8. On her favorite piece of clothing/accessory: “I have a striped tee that is SO comfortable and I can wear it a lot of ways.” 

9. On how her style has evolved: “In middle school I tried to have style, but I didn’t always match things very well. I think I’ve definitely learned what to buy and what not to buy and I’ve learned how to style”

10. On one trend she wishes would go away: “man-buns”

11. On her fashion icon: “My hair and fashion and life icon is Amber Fillerup”

12. On one trend she can’t get enough of: “Booties are the best!”

13. On what goes through her head while getting ready: “Do I feel happy and confident in this?”

14. On her favorite place to shop: “I’d have to say forever 21 or Target”

15. On the best piece of advice she’s been given about fashion: “When you put your head back with a bun, you look like George Washington – Emily Grinage age 8” 😂

16. On what fashion means to her: “It’s a way of showing who you are to other people and expressing yourself”

17. On when she first realized she loved fashion and what made her realize it: “I really started thinking about what I was wearing in middle school. I got a Pinterest and I just loved looking at all of the bloggers.”

18. On how fashion has influenced her: “It has made me confident and comfortable with who I am. Whenever I have something cute to wear it’s a good day.”

19. On what advice she’s give to people younger than her about fashion: “Don’t be confined to brand names and what’s popular, just wear things that make you happy!”



Don’t forget to check out Anna’s Instagram here!

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