Red & Black 

I wore red around Christmas…go figure. I realize that I kind of made a cliche and obvious decision by wearing a red sweater around the time that literally everyone wears red. Whatever, because I like it and think it’s perfect. The sweater is actually extremely old and I think it was my dad’s at one point but I can’t be completely sure. Either way I love it and the way it makes me get fully into the holiday spirit. The fabric is very comfortable and while the fit is oversized, I think it really compliments my slim figure. Not only is red an amazing color to wear around the holidays, but it’s also an easy one to wear. Literally every clothing store around this time carries a vast amount of red pieces, making it extremely easy for someone to get a cute piece. 

Shooting these images was quite a challenge if I’m being honest because it was so cold! I obviously don’t show it in the pictures, but I was dying from the freezing temperatures. Although it was cold, I still feel like the pictures came out perfect! The lighting, background and timing was all on point. Have a great week and an amazing Christmas Eve and CHRISTMAS! Stay fab! {I’ll be back on Saturday for the last post of 2015! DONT MISS IT!}







Old sweater (similar here) // H&M ripped denim // New Balance sneakers 

Photos by Julia Beer

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