Top 5 Favorite Outfit Posts of 2015

I’m following along with every other blogger in doing a roundup of some of my favorite looks posted to the blog throughout the year. 

This whole year has been very interesting and very spontaneous. My personal life has changed. My habits have changed. My goals have changed. My personal style has changed, and throughout the whole year, I managed to stay sane and myself. Ive learned so much over the span on 2015 and plan on learning even more about myself, my future, my life, and my style in 2016! To keep it brief, I have 5 resolutions this upcoming New Years, 1. Take care of my body & most importantly my skin 2. Be less pessimistic & narcisisstic 3. Be more open to new things 4. Spend more time with the people who actually make me feel good 5. Improve my blog & writing skills. The cliche New Years resolutions usually end up being tossed out by the second week and forgotten until the next year, but I’m going to do my best to accomplish at least 3 of these resolutions. In setting that goal, I make it less stressful and less difficult on my part. So enjoy my 5 favorite looks of 2015 and enjoy your New Years and be safe & smart! Have a great week, see you next year! And stay fab! 

Wearing: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren shirt // Hollister denim // Converse sneakers 

 Wearing: DKNY Jeans tee // Zara bermudas // Converse sneakers  

Wearing: H&M top // Zara bermudas // ASOS slip ons  

Wearing: Forever 21 leather tee // Hollister denim // Converse sneakers 

Wearing: Target tee // H&M denim // ASOS slip ons 
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