13th St. Interview: Emily Grinage 

Why does it feel like I haven’t blogged in 30 years? Oh ya. That’s because I haven’t! (Excuse the hyperbolizing) I am eternally sorry for being so negligent! I have been in a bit of a lazy mood lately! It’s not that I’ve been busy, I’ve just had no motivation to do anything, especially blogging! But no matter, I still have a blog to maintain, so here is my latest interview!

My last interview was with Emily’s sister Anna, so it only seemed right that I interview the twin who is equally as stylish and spunky! Emily has the kind of style that is extremely rare in our town! Her style is eclectic and very distinct. The way Emily coordinates colors and prints is extremely admirable and has a clever undertone to it. Occasionally do I come across someone whose style is synonymous to their personality and mannerisms, and in this case, it’s Emily. I admire anyone who can take simple pieces like a grey knit or black chelsea boots, and make them look audacious like she does! When I met with Emily it was so chill and laid back, because that’s who Emily is! She’s calm, cool, and fun to be around! And I had a great time interviewing her! Take a look below at some Emily’s best outfits and our Q&A! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

1. On her personal style: “Simple, I like weird and funky statement pieces”

2. On her favorite print & color to wear: “Palm print and black”

3. On her ideal casual outfit: “An oversized sweater, ripped boyfriend jeans, and pointy flats”

4. On how her style has evolved: “I wore graphic tees with monsters! I didn’t start caring until last year. Now I went from boho to more mature.”

5. On her favorite social media outlet to get fashion inspiration from: “It used to be Pinterest, but now it’s Instagram”

6. On her favorite piece of clothing: “My ripped boyfriend jeans, they’re casual but fashionable”

7. On one trend she wishes would go away: “Long socks with short dresses”

8. On one trend she can’t get enough of: “High waisted jeans”

9. On her fashion icon: “You” (so much love ❤️)

10. On what goes through her head when getting ready: “How do I want to feel? Will I feel comfortable?”

11. On her favorite place to shop: “Forever 21”

12. On best piece of advice she’s been given on fashion: “If you like it, wear it”

13. On what fashion means to her: “A way to express myself without using words”

14. On when she first realized she loved fashion, and what made her realize it: “Last year, I realized that when I wore an outfit I liked, it made my mood better”

15. On how fashion influenced her life: “It gave me a different mindset about getting ready”

16. On what advice she’d give to people younger than her on fashion: “To wear what you like, don’t worry if it’s not perfect, it will mature.”

17. On what or who gives her the most inspiration in terms of fashion: “When someone is fashionable it’s cool and admirable”

18. On what she hopes for people to get out of her outfits: “To be inspired and encourage them to try new things”

19. On what goes through her mind when shopping: “How many ways can I wear it?”  


{Don’t forget to check out Emily’s Instagram here}


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