WIWW: Gucci Staples

Super sorry for not posting a WIW in so long, these aee probably my most time consuming posts! But nevertheless, I still am committed to giving everyone fabulous content! 

Gucci has long been one of the fashion world’s most renowned and coveted brands around. Although, there was definitely a period where Gucci lost it’s allure and it’s title in the fashion world. But, most recently a man named Alessandro Michele has completely transformed the fashion house into one of the most well known and popular designers ever. Their pieces are no strangers to the street style and red carpet spotlights! Everything from the eye catching and wacky fur loafers to the embroidered items, and even to their new redone and refurbished logo! Take a look at some of my favorite Gucci pieces below! Have a great week and stay fab!  


{Button-Up, Black loafers, Tee, Brown loafers, Logo belt (all via Mr. Porter) | Fur loafers via Gucci

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