NYFW Recap

Yet another eventful and fashion filled New York Fashion Week has passed us. This fashion week was profoundly stylish and chic as per usual. New York fashion week is always the most anticipated and viewed weeks in fashion! It’s the beginning of fashion month, and not only that, but it contains the most shows out of all the fashion weeks. 

To summarize the entire week in one blog post, I say that it was all in all chic and extremely eclectic & diverse. By eclectic, I mean that the collections and the street style were ever changing and ever innovative! There was so many unique outfits and so many exquisite collections & presentations. The shows were full of dazzling designs, exquisite coats, expert suiting, chic footwear, and diverse textures. Seeing it all from a phone screen is 100% nothing compared to seeing it all in person with your own eyes. But nonetheless, I’ll take watching it all on my phone…for now. Below you can see some of my favorite instagrams, collections, street style snaps, backstage photos, and even blog posts! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

1. Lady Gaga trading the stage for the runway was undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary and genius moments of this fashion week.    

2. Collage Vintage has rapidly become of of my favorite street style photographers in the fashion world.  

3. J. Crew was and is my favorite presentation to watch during any fashion week! Their designs are always so chic and so true to the brand itself.    

  4. The obvious model of the moment…Kendall Jenner. Kendall is easily the most watched and aspirational models out there currently. Her instagrams during fashion week are always the most liked and glamorous of them all! 

5. Street style is a key aspect to fashion week. It’s what allows the fashion goers to let their outfits be seen and appreciated from around the world!  

6. Aimee Song is hands down my favorite blogger to follow during fashion week. (behind Danielle Bernstein) Her looks are always spot on and extremely chic!  

{Images via Vogue | Song of Style | CollageVintage | Kendall’s Instagram | Pinterest}

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