Camel & Croc Skin

You could put any piece of camel clothing in front of me, and I’d most likely fall in complete love with it. Camel is a color that never gets old to me. It always makes me feel like a high fashion type person! It has the effect on me, that when I wear it, I just feel better. As my collection of camel pieces grows, so does my adoration for the color. Another reason why I’m so in love with camel, is that it’s extremely easy to find other pieces to wear it with. It’s one of those colors that you can literally wear anything with, and it has the highest probability of looking perfect. 

The day we took these, it was so so so nice outside! Being February in the desert, 60 degree weather is not a common occurence for us. We took advantage of the great weather, and went out and took these killer pics! Have a great week and stay fab!  



Forever 21 tee (sold out | similar here) // Old denim (similar here) // ASOS slip-on plimsolls 

Photos by Sonya Contreras

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