Never Fear Navy and Black (is here) 

I’m here to let everyone who has ever doubted an outfit, because it was navy and black, know that there’s no reason to doubt/fear it any longer! There are so many reasons why navy and black should be embraced instead of rejected! It’s easy, it’s classic, it’s chic, and there’s endless opportunities with the combo! I myself was once afraid of doing a navy and black ensemble, but only because I had heard so many bad things about it. After so long of avoiding the combo and never even giving it a chance, I caved and finally embraced it. It took me some getting used to, but I got over it and discovered that I actually love it! 

This denim look top is one of my favorite blue pieces I own. It’s super comfy and has a cool and chill vibe to it. It’s basically been collecting dust in the back of my closest because I never knew what to wear it with, or when to wear it. Nonetheless, it pairs expertly with my black ripped denim and my oil spill slip ons! The contrast between my shoes and the top is everything I could ever ask for in an outfit! Have a great week and stay fab!!  

Target tee // H&M denim // ASOS slip-ons 

Photos by Faith Chavers

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