Denims & The Obvious White Tee  

No outfit in my book is complete without a white tee! When I’m getting ready to walk out the door, I always do one last once over of my entire outfit, and most of the time I end up going back to my closet and taking off the top I’m wearing, and replace it with a white tee. It’s become kind of a routine/habit for me. When I wear a white tee, I feel cool and slick. Never have I worn a white tee and not felt super cool. 

What better match to a great white tee, than a pair of great distressed jeans?? Nothing in this world goes better together than a white tee and jeans. Nothing. It’s the combo of all comboes! Before I left to shoot this outfit, I realized it needed something extra to take it that much further, and immediately realized it needed a denim wrap! Super happy with the way this outfit, location, and lighting turned out because it’s all perfect! Have a great spring break! And stay fab!!  


Topman tee (via Nordstrom) // Old denim (similar here) // Target denim shirt // ASOS slip-ons 

Photos by Faith Chavers

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