Saturday Editorial: Blogger Spotlight #3 

This week’s blogger spotlight goes to Ms. Sara (I don’t know her last name) of Collage Vintage! I came across Sara like every blogger I follow, through Instagram. I don’t remember how or when, but I’m so glad I did! I take so much inspiration from Sara and her blog. I always look to her when I’m feeling down about something or can’t figure out an outfit. Sara’s blog has not only become famous for its exceptional outfit posts, but also for its street style images. Her partner, Diego, manages the street style photography and her personal blog photography, and he does it superbly! Their work together is renowned and loved by every blogger and fashion person out there during fashion months. Back to Sara, her outfits are so good because they’re simple, but super eccentric at the same time. Her utilization of simple and classic staples like Chanel sling backs or Levis denim, is expertly paired with chic and daring pieces like bell sleeved tops or a statement belt. I admire Sara and her drive for success and love for traveling and fashion! She’s always doing something fabulous, while traveling somewhere stunning! Take a look at Sara’s blog and some of my favorite outfits of hers below! Stay fab and have a great Easter!  

{All images via Collage Vintage

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