Month: April 2016

WIWW: J. Crew Picks

J. Crew is one of those stores that dreams are actually made of. I dream of their clothes so often that I’ve bookmarked their website on my browser. While I have yet to actually purchase one of their pieces, I do see myself buying something in the near future. Anyways, their overall aesthetic is simple and clean style, which is one of my goals for my blog’s aesthetic as well. Their eccentricity is extremely minimal, but has a noticeable aspect to it. Little things like sequins on a button up, gingham on gingham, or revamped 90’s white kicks have the effect of an overall chice evocation out of its customers. The pieces I’ve curated all have simple looks, and that’s a good way to start from somewhere you’ve never shopped from before. (Also did I mention they have an entire section of STRIPES) So check out my picks below and have a great week, and stay fab!!  

{All items via J. Crew

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I took a big risk when I wore these jeans. The almost wide-leg style of them on top of the fact that they have a raw hem, could easily result in a super weird and awkward look. In wearing this particular pair of jeans, I also set myself up for major possible failure. The fit could also result in an awkward looking outfit, so I had to be extra tedious in styling these. 

When I think risky, I think unconventional, unusual, and with high disregard for others’ opinions. I’ve made a pact to myself to not only take risks in my fashion, but in my everyday life and activities. To once in awhile throw caution to the wind and breathe. To be fearless and not worry about the consequences (until later) and to live a riveting life. This may be gibberish that I’ll forget in time, but I truly do believe in the impact that being careless can have on someone’s demeanor. Have a great week, be exciting, be original, be risky, and of course look fab while doing it. 

Old knit (similar here) // Hollister denim // Adidas slides (via ASOS)

Photos by Julia Beer

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Current Favorite #3: Vintage Fit/Wash Denim 

Denim will forever be my #1 go to piece/material. Most likely the worlds most versatile and renowned material. One of the best things about it is that it’s been around for so long, and has so much promise to stay around for many years to come. 

Vintage denim is rapidly becoming the most coveted piece in fashion today. From 501’s to Vetements new and improved vintage look denim, it’s a piece that has come back and is here to stay. Not one day goes by where I don’t see a pair of vintage jeans on my Instagram feed. Every fashion person in their right mind has a pair of vintage jeans in their wardrobe. My personal preference is denim that is snug in all the right places, and has a good look and feel to it. Take a look below at my personal pairs of vintage look denim, and some actual vintage and vintage look pieces I’m keeping an eye on. 

Wearing: Forever 21 denim 

Wearing: Hollister denim

{Levi’s Vintage Clothing (via Mr. Porter) | RE/DONE }

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Striped Yet Again 

I’m the biggest supporter/lover of stripes. When I wear stripes I feel so full and excited. Stripes have the ability to make my mood go from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds. On most occasions I go right to my stripes pieces to add a little extra to an outfit. 

Not only do I adore stripes, but stripes with denim is even better! The combination of denim and stripes has shaped my entire outlook on fashion if I’m being totally honest. I’ve learned so much about fashion and my own personal fashion sense just by wearing stripes with denim. Have a great week and stay fab!  





ASOS top (similar here) // Old jeans (similar here) // Converse sneakers 

Photos by Julia Beer

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The Unconvential White Button-Up 

For this week’s Saturday Editorial, I decided to shine some light on my favorite piece in the entire clothing spectrum: the white button-up. 

I’ve collected quite the notable stock of white button ups over the years. While my amount of them has eroded, my love for them has definitely only increased 1000x more! There are so many ways and styles that they allow. I constantly find myself gravitating towards them time and time again, because of how easy & simple they are to put on & match with. I find it extremely refreshing that they’re only being improved and tweaked today. At this point in fashion, there’s nothing you can’t wear a white button-up with, and there’s certainly no shortage of the tops themselves. With new techniques like embroidery, patching, printing, and even painting etc. , you’d obviously know that there’s no limit when it comes to white button ups. There are so many new kinds of cuts, fits, and sizes, that one would never find themselves in a rut due to lack of originality. No designer or brand has held back anything when producing white button-ups. There are also many different risky options & safe options as well these days. So go out, get yourself some new and improved white button-ups, or stick with your same old same old. Also check out some of my personal pics & good street style pics below! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

{Photos via Collage Vintage | Pinterest | Tumblr 
{Comme Des Garçons PLAY (via J. Crew} | Givenchy & Public School (via Mr. Porter) | Casely Hayford & Thom Browne (via FWRD By Elyse Walker) | H&M}

WIWW: Vintage 

I’ve been looking around and have found some extremely dope vintage pieces. I found a love for vintage clothing when I took my first actual shopping trip to a thrift shop and loved it! Clothes that are vintage have a cooler and “one of a kind” feeling to them than new clothes. 

These particular pieces are all curated from random places so I probably won’t link most of them. Nonetheless, each one entices me in a different way because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever worn before! I find them all to be super exceptional and unique in their own ways. Have a great week and stay fab!  

{Tommy Hilfiger | EBay | Urban Outfitters | The Vintage Twin}

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WIWW: Unconventional 

What I mean by the title, is that the clothing put in the collage today, is stuff I usually wouldn’t find myself wanting as much as my more simple and crisp pieces. These particular pieces below represent the side of me that’s trying to be more loose and unusual with my style and the clothes I choose. That was one of my smaller New Years resolutions this year; to be courageous and less simple with my fashion. To take risks constantly, push boundaries, be less concerned with others thoughts and to be fun with fashion! That’s what it’s about, being confident, being risky, & bold, and feeling good in your clothes! Not only did I choose bold pieces, but I curated these from places I’ve never heard of, or usually wouldn’t find myself shopping in. So take a look at some random pieces I chose this week and stay fab!!  

{Zara | Maharishi | Levis via Urban Outfitters  | Vetements via Lyst | OFF-WHITE via SSENSE

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