It literally means “clothes” in French. 

For the past year or two, there’s been one brand on everyone’s tongue & on their receipts. That name is: Vetements. The ever so eclectic, diverse, and chic brand has taken things like athleisure and denim, and made it into something completely different and new. Creative Director Guram Gvasalia created his own version of cool. The brand has taken the word/definition of cool into something fresh and completely upgraded. They’ve made their clothes into street style necessities for the fashion world. Being a brand that just announced their plan to have literal ready to wear clothing, and to mix men’s and womenswear collections has most certainly shaken up the fashion world as we know it. Their hoodies are worn religiously, their denim is revolutionary, and their shoes are what I would call wacky-chic! Demna and Guram  are reimagining the way fashion is viewed and the way street style works. “Their pieces have a cult appeal.” said Vogue, which shows that their collections have reached everyone everywhere on another level! Check out some pictures of Vetements & stylish people wearing it. Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

{All images via Pinterest | Collage Vintage | Vogue}

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