The Unconvential White Button-Up 

For this week’s Saturday Editorial, I decided to shine some light on my favorite piece in the entire clothing spectrum: the white button-up. 

I’ve collected quite the notable stock of white button ups over the years. While my amount of them has eroded, my love for them has definitely only increased 1000x more! There are so many ways and styles that they allow. I constantly find myself gravitating towards them time and time again, because of how easy & simple they are to put on & match with. I find it extremely refreshing that they’re only being improved and tweaked today. At this point in fashion, there’s nothing you can’t wear a white button-up with, and there’s certainly no shortage of the tops themselves. With new techniques like embroidery, patching, printing, and even painting etc. , you’d obviously know that there’s no limit when it comes to white button ups. There are so many new kinds of cuts, fits, and sizes, that one would never find themselves in a rut due to lack of originality. No designer or brand has held back anything when producing white button-ups. There are also many different risky options & safe options as well these days. So go out, get yourself some new and improved white button-ups, or stick with your same old same old. Also check out some of my personal pics & good street style pics below! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

{Photos via Collage Vintage | Pinterest | Tumblr 
{Comme Des Garçons PLAY (via J. Crew} | Givenchy & Public School (via Mr. Porter) | Casely Hayford & Thom Browne (via FWRD By Elyse Walker) | H&M}


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