I took a big risk when I wore these jeans. The almost wide-leg style of them on top of the fact that they have a raw hem, could easily result in a super weird and awkward look. In wearing this particular pair of jeans, I also set myself up for major possible failure. The fit could also result in an awkward looking outfit, so I had to be extra tedious in styling these. 

When I think risky, I think unconventional, unusual, and with high disregard for others’ opinions. I’ve made a pact to myself to not only take risks in my fashion, but in my everyday life and activities. To once in awhile throw caution to the wind and breathe. To be fearless and not worry about the consequences (until later) and to live a riveting life. This may be gibberish that I’ll forget in time, but I truly do believe in the impact that being careless can have on someone’s demeanor. Have a great week, be exciting, be original, be risky, and of course look fab while doing it. 

Old knit (similar here) // Hollister denim // Adidas slides (via ASOS)

Photos by Julia Beer

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