This past weekend was obviously my prom and I can honestly say it was a night to remember. Being me, I love getting dressed up and feeling fancy for a night. Prom is the perfect excuse to do just that! Not only that, but I love being around my friends and dancing isn’t too bad either. So much happened and I enjoyed every second of it.

My outfit was a super simple and super sleek take on a classic tux. I went with the obvious black and white, but went for a much more skinny fit overall. I do not like the look of baggy and un-tailored tuxedos at all, so naturally I knew I had to get a slim fit suit. The subtle satin elements on the pants and jacket really brought the outfit over the edge. The suit came out looking extremely sophisticated and it also helped that every piece was super comfortable as well. I also added a velvet bow tie to give it my own little touch. The contrast if all the different textures and silhouettes made the tux that much better. Have a great week and stay fab!

ASOS Tuxedo jacket // H&M tuxedo pants with satin stripe // H&M velvet bow tie // Old shoes 

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