13th St. Interview: Maddy Lucas

It’s been ages since I did an interview, so I figured I’d do one before I leave for the rest of the week. 

Maddy is a good friend of mine from school. For everyone who doesn’t know Maddy, she’s a crazy smart, nice, gorg, talented, and stylish girl. She’s never worn something that I didn’t absolutely love, and that’s not an easy thing to do. Her outfits are always crisp and put together, and it’s very noticeable that she puts effort into dressing. Her style is very classic with hints of feminity. Things like her girly flats, her gray striped button up (identical to mine) , or her faux fur vest are pieces that separate her from everyone in our city. Maddy is also an extremely talented photographer so I added some questions pertaining to that as well. She stays to what she knows & loves, but also isn’t afraid to wear something uncommon and risky. I loved interviewing her and hope you enjoy it. Have a great week and stay fab! 

1. On how she describes her personal style: “It’s very nautical, but usually differs depending on season.”

2. On her style in one word: “Street style-y or beachy” 

3. On her favorite print & color to wear: “I love floral prints & im obsessed with navy and white stripes”

4. On her perfect summer outfit: “Denim shorts and a cute tee”

5. On her perfect night out outfit: “Something that draws attention to my innocence or modesty or something black and white with a statement piece”

6. On her perfect casual outfit: “Ripped jeans with a black cardigan and my favorite watch”

7. On how her fashion has evolved: “I went from flowers and peace signs. I started feeling like patterns had to be specific, like stripes have to be a certain size. I also have a more specific palette and I’m more willing to try new things.”

8. On her favorite social media outlet for fashion inspo: “Instagram, following a lot of bloggers and photographers helps a ton.”

9. On her favorite personal piece: “My beachy bracelets or my H&M striped shirt or my pineapple hat”

10. On one trend she wishes would go away: “Chevron”

11. On one trend she can’t get enough of: “Anything nautical style”

12. On her fashion icon: “Taylor Swift”

13. On what goes through her head while getting ready: “Make sure to wear somethings flattering”

14. On her favorite place to shop: “Pacsun”

15. On the best piece of advice she’s been given about fashion: “Try to dress with modesty, but skin is also not a terrible thing. Also, some things just don’t matter.”

16. On what fashion means to her: “It says a lot about my stage in life”

17. On when she first realized she loved fashion and what made her realize it: “When I got to High School, I became obsessed with shopping and trying on clothes”

18. On how fashion influenced her life: “It helped me to connect with people and it also builds relationships and confidence”

19. On what advice she’d give to people younger than her about fashion: “If you feel like what you’re wearing will make you feel not yourself, then don’t wear it. And don’t be afraid to take risks”

20. On what emotion she wants her photography to evoke from people: “Inspiration & deep thought”

21. On what she loves most about fashion & photography: “With photography, it’s a scientific love, but I also love that it’s artsy and scientific. It also satisfies my need for well-roundedness. With fashion I love how you can pull together unique items to make a masterpiece, and it impacts first impressions.”

22. On how she plans on carrying fashion with her throughout her college and adult years: “During college I’ll be broke, but still will keep in mind what I stand for and sticking to myself. It’ll also help me build good impressions throughout my life.” 

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